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Prevent Ice Damming From Damaging Your Home

A Cold Roof is the easiest way to stop ice build up on your roof as it prevents heat loss from your roof from melting snow. Snow stays on the roof preventing potentially dangerous and damaging ice build up from forming. Since the snow doesn't melt, there is no ice dam build up, and therefore no water to enter under the roof shingles.

Illustration of the benefits of a cold roof

"Replacing our standing seam roof with a cold roof was the best decision we've made since purchasing our Central Vermont home. Before we added the cold roof, ice used to build up in such huge quanitiees, and as soon as the weather warmed it came crashing down often keeping us awake all night, not to mention the massive pile up of ice around our house. We will definitely be replacing our entire roof with a cold roof. We can't thank Seth and his team enough for recommending a cold roof as a solution to our roof problems"
- Matt & Melanie, Randolph, VT 2011

How it works

First your existing roofing is removed. Then to prevent as much heat loss as possible, a layer of rigid insulation is applied to the roof surface. Next, furring strips are placed to create space for air to circulate under the new roof. A layer of plywood is then installed along with ice and water shield. Finally roofing material is added to finish the roof.

This year, put an end to water intrusion into your home, stop shoveling you roof, or whatever temporary remedies you have had to resort to. Consider a cold roof as a permanent solution to the headaches that ice build up on your roof can cause you and your family winter after winter.

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